Hi there, I am Ilija.

I spend most of my day creating beautiful and functional things on internet. Web sites are easy to make, I give them a soul!

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I have few skills

During seven years of work in different areas of IT, I developed many skills which are foundation of my present work. Working with several teams on more than 20 projects prepared me for challenges that I might confront in near future.

During high school I started my career as a graphic designer. In that period, I learned to use Adobe Studio (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). I have also learned how to communicate with clients.

I have chosen faculty that is mainly focused on IT and software engineering, so my career started going in that direction. On faculty, I learned principles of Object Oriented Programming, database design and theory about algorithms and data structures. In that period, I started developing web applications professionally, using open source technologies. My set of soft skills significantly improved during my work as a team member, but also as a leader.

After several years of work, my interests for art, programming and psychology, merged into one vision - creation of beautiful and useful web apps that people are going to use and experience them in the way I imagined. That is what I do today.

Ruby on Rails

Auto Rašević

Online catalog for car sale company

Auto Rašević is a company that sells good used cars. They built their reputation through years of work and satisfied customers were their main way of attracting new customers.

Idea of business expansion created a need for more customers. Logical way to reach more customers was a website which would provide them information about company and cars that they are selling. Website is supposed to be clear and easy to use for variety of customers, and on the other end, be robust and enable company to manage their car shop.

We built custom CMS that enabled administration of cars in the shop. Design is clear and sharp and represents company’s professionalism and quality of their services. Navigation is simple and straightforward so website is simple to use for every type of user.

My responsibilities on this project were website design and frontend development. I have participated in SEO, as well.

Website is built using Yii php framework as a backend, and Foundation framework as a frontend technology.

HTML5 CSS3 Foundation php Yii jQuery Google Analytics

Soft Skills Academy

System for organizing and administration of seminar

Soft Skills Academy is three day seminar which is organized for students of University of East Sarajevo. It usually have more than 40 participants and trainers from couple of European universities.

For Academy to be successfully organized, it was needed to inform students about it, then students needed to apply and final step was selection of participants. Academy needed web application to simplify this process.

Application consists of few modules. First is presentation website with all the information about Academy. Second part is applications system through which potential participants would send their applications. Third part was grading and reporting system which organizers would use for selection of participants.

This is one of the projects that I developed all by myself, from scratch. First of all, I developed complete visual identity of Academy based on which I later designed web application. Web application enables collecting of applications and calculating final grade from several judges. System automatically calculates participants based on grades and generates reports with statistics about participants. My responsibility was SEO, as well as and social media marketing of the whole event.

This web application is developed using CodeIgniter php framework and Foundation frontend framework. It uses Raphael.js for drawing graphs on reports.

HTML5 CSS3 Foundation Illustrator php CodeIgniter jQuery MySQL Raphael.js MailChimp Google Analytics

Tavor travel agency

Travel agency website

Tavor is a travel agency which arranges standard travels to popular places and also group travels to desired places. One of their offers is religious tourism around Balkans.

They wanted to offer something more than their competitors so they decided to build beautiful website. Idea of website was to provide information about available arrangements and to provide their clients with online reservation.

We needed to evoke emotions in potential clients so we decided to build design around stunning and colorful images that would say more than words could. My responsibility was to create such design and transform it in code using HTML5 and CSS3.

Technologies used on the website are CodeIgniter php framework and Foundation frontend framework.

HTML5 CSS3 Foundation Photoshop php Yii jQuery Masonry.js Google Analytics

Greeny Aranđelovac

Fruit production and processing company website

Greeny is company that produces fruits and products made of fruits. Expansion to international market forced company to think of adequate online presence.

It was needed to build dynamic website with CMS, based on design we got. Good performance was one of mandatory requests. My task was to transform received design into code using HTML5 and CSS3. Animations are provided using jQuery.

Website is built using Yii php framework and Foundation frontend framework.

HTML5 CSS3 Foundation php Yii jQuery

Party time Sarajevo

Entertainment company web application

Party time is company that organizes interesting parties and other activities for children and adults. Every activity consists of act and comedy but also have educational elements and healthy children development.

Idea was to build a website which would target parents, but which would also be fun and colorful to wake up a child in them. Goal of the website was to provide potential customers with activities and offers and provide them a way to book their party online.

My task was to create fun design that would inspire visitors to book party for their children. It was real challenge to decide what level of fun I should include. The most effective things are easter-eggs that are placed all over website. After designing in Photoshop, I developed a frontend using Bootstrap frontend framework and Masonry.

Website is based on Yii php framework.

Photoshop HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap php Yii jQuery Masonry.js Google Analytics

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